Some individuals and private companies have been especially generous and particularly deserving of recognition.

Jack Denning

Left a generous bequest in 2010 which  has funded two major research projects, one “Improving Rural Cancer Outcomes” to identify causes of the increased cancer mortality in regional WA and used the evidence to initiate action to correct the imbalance.    The second, developed user-friendly professional development tools for those in the front line of suicide prevention (See “Previous research” under the “Research” tab at the top).

The Piacentini Family

made a single donation in 2004 which provided full financial security while SW Health Campus staff researched the management of Clinical Cancer Trials in a regional setting for the first time in Western Australia.  The trials proved to be a great success and routine management was handed to St John of God Health Care in 2011.   Cancer patients’ care and cancer services in the Southwest have been greatly enhanced by the opportunity to participate in these trials.

Bill and Pat Catalano

have made regular generous donations since 2006. Their ongoing enthusiasm and involvement is deeply appreciated.

Peter and Mario Giacci

in 2011 committed to a three year donation program which was able to underpin current research at the time and enable new projects approved by the Board to be financially supported.

Jim and Monica Offer

have been  singularly regular, staunch and generous donors since 2004.

Miss JM Smart

has made regular contributions over the years.  We deeply appreciate her support.

Many more individuals have supported research projects most generously over the years.  Without such warm and enthusiastic community backing, the Foundation would not be the success it is. Thank you to all our donors.